Small Windows Help

Telnet Client unter Vista/2008/7 nachinstallieren

pkgmgr /iu:Telnetclient

Cleanup Firefox databases and speedup firefox

Jump to your profiles Dir eg.


If you have more profiles there you can identify the actual one by taking a look at your


and searching for the entry


This should point you to the right location.

When you are in your profiles folder you could execute the following command to compact your firefox sqlite databases:

for i in *.sqlite; do echo "VACUUM;" | sqlite3 $i ; done

If you are on windows execute the following command

for %i in (*.sqlite) do @echo VACUUM; | sqlite3 %i

That's it. Firefox should now be faster!

Disable UAC for a program (netsetman.exe)

Download and install Microsoft Application Compatibility Toolkit


Run the “Compatibility Administrator” as administrative user. (it should prompt you)

On the left pane, right click on the database below “Custom Databases”.

Click on “Fix” in the top panel

Enter the necessary data. In my case it will be


Name of the program to be fixed:

Name of the vendor for the program

Ilja Herlein

Program File Location


Click on “Next” On the compatibility screen select “RunAsInvoker” or any other option that fits your needs. On the next screen select additional compatibility flags. For this application I needed:


If you like, you can try the “Test Run” button, the program should not ask for a UAC Prompt now. Press Next until you are finished

Now select your fixed program in the left pane. Now select “Save as”, enter a name for the database, eg. “NetsetMan” and save the file as <yourname.sdb> to a location you will easily find again.

Now open an administrative command prompt (! real admin !) and do the following command

sdbinst <path>\app.sdb


sdbinst "D:\---Admin---\temptools\NetSetMan3.2.3\NetSetMan\netsetman.sdb"

You should see something like

"Installation of NetSetMan complete."

That's all.

When you now start your program it should not ask you again for permission.

To uninstall this fix do

sdbinst -u "D:\---Admin---\temptools\NetSetMan3.2.3\NetSetMan\netsetman.sdb"
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